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Proscenium – the frame, the arch, the plane through which the action of the presentation is viewed, especially in theatre.

Opticality – what color does, empowering a static image to have movement.

Evanescent – fading, passing, disappearing, slowly vanishing, evaporating, melting away.

Neural Harmony – durable, everlasting, timeless mindset, in the zone, homeostasis, equilibrium.

Mental Mapping – organizing our mindset to orient and calibrate our thoughts with our behavioral geography and time.

Strategic Inflection Point – requires both Financial Wealth and Cognitive Wealth to capitalize on, not just one or the other.

Healthy Paranoia, Awareness = Energetic Necessity; a complete, cogent, harmonious paradox.

Translation: We believe that how we view our day is based on how well we counter the negative and diminishing with positivity that blossoms and bears fruit and bears increase, in both finances and health, to navigate through what tries to stop us with a flourishing zest for life. To draw attention to ourselves in order to draw attention away from ourselves, playing it onwards, upwards, outwards and forward.

*Several of these terms were taken and paraphrased from books and quotes by Andrew Grove, Joel Houston, Daniel Goleman, Erik Wahl and Michael Auping.


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