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How Open Architecture and Minimalism Improve Quality of Life

How can open architecture and minimalism improve your quality of life? First off, what do open architecture and minimalism even mean?

Open architecture refers to a type of computer or software architecture that is designed to make adding, upgrading and swapping components easy. This idea is not only relegated to computers but can apply to anything that allows for tailor made customization and personalization. 

Minimalism, to quote Merriam-Webster is “a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by simplicity.” It can also be thought of as an approach to liberate your mind of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

How do these two mentalities provide the opportunity for a more engaging, fulfilling life and how are they connected to a financial firm? Let’s examine a few areas.

The Brain

-Attention is the most essential mental resource we possess. It is limited and finite. Our modern world is rampant with distractions. Unfortunately, our brain has trouble “multi-tasking” and reaches exhaustion more quickly this way. Sometimes we need to pause, slow things down and simplify our focus to put ourselves on the right path to better wellbeing—one thought, one bite, one task, one goal, and one breath at a time. An uncluttered brain can make better decisions, be happier and have less stress.

Your Environment (home, office, car and daily surroundings).

-Things tend to pile up to the point where our environment becomes a blur. Limiting distractions and focusing energy mindfully leads to more productivity and results. When de-cluttering, cleaning junk drawers or consciously choosing to put away our phone and social media noise we create space and peace. We lose that hurried, claustrophobic, stressed feeling and make capacity in our lives to focus on opportunities and the beauty of life. Happiness comes naturally because we are able to gravitate towards the things that matter most. Once we start to realize that time is finite we begin to look at things differently. We recognize that we could be enjoying time with loved ones, hitting the gym, going on a walk to enjoy nature, planning a celebration, reading a good book or traveling. Whatever it is that we truly love is what we could be doing.


-At Raisonné & Hammer Price Corp. we chose the picture on the cover of our website to represent the ideas of minimalism and open architecture. Our firm brings these themes to life for our client’s lives as it relates to the world of investments, financial advisory and beyond.

We are open architecture in that we offer clients access to an expansive array of products and services. We provide so much more than a robo advisor, system generated recommendation or asset allocation model portfolio.  We partner with clients to understand their financial needs far beyond what the legacy firms provide.  We act in each client’s best interests understanding that everyone is unique and strive to provide both financial and quality of life solutions best suited to that client with no restrictions or conflict of interest. Open architecture allows us to treat each client as unique and provide personalized financial and quality of life advice that would not exist if we only recommended proprietary products.

In addition, we are minimalist in that we partner with each client to improve their well-being and quality of life in a way that is unique and forward thinking for a financial firm.  Our concierge services help people to declutter their lives.  Our wide-ranging experts can help individuals be more efficient, focused, healthy, driven, energized and attuned to what really matters most to each individual and family. Incorporating the mentality of open architecture and minimalism into our practice allows our clients to focus on what they truly love about life. 


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