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Interior & Exterior Design Services


Spatial Planning

Perspective Planning

Color Recommendations along with Sheens & Finishes

Air Purifying and Sanitizing product selections

Product selections with low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Art selections

Furniture & Appliance selections

Stone Designs

Floorings, Rugs, Fabrics, Materials & Texture selections

Aesthetics, Acoustics, Biophilics & Holistic Designs

Ergonomics & Anthropometrics

Customized Dimensions and Human Fit 

Design Sensitivity in conjunction with Tabular Data

Structural & Morphological Mapping

Space Management

Customized, Personalized, Unique, Distinctive, Meaningful Styles & Themes

Project Planning

Financial Planning with Cost - Benefits Analysis & Calculations

Specialty Asset Management

Asset Protection Strategies

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