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What are the requirements of each space, while giving special attention to individual rooms and maintaining a common theme.

Allow for opening and closing of doors.

Once the 'master plan' is prepared you will know at once exactly what you can, and what you cannot bring into the room.

Since the floor is the dominant feature in the living room it should be considered first.

A fragile texture can be impractical.

The ceiling is often ignored. 

Use a mixture of old and new pieces, or fully upholstered items and occasional chairs, to create an interesting juxtaposition in a room.

Use the Best Lighting.  Lighting arrangements can combine high technology with simple country.

Easily forgotten is the matter of waste disposal.

Food Services are Essential.

It is important to establish a focal point.

No item of furniture should be allowed to hinder the passage of human traffic flow.  


It is impossible to think of a stairway without a room with which it connects to, otherwise…

“Shall we take a look at some paradoxical architecture…closed loops like the Penrose steps, the infinite staircase” – Inception

Lighting is an important element of stair design.

It is important that the circulation is not hindered.

On the matter of safety it is important that sufficient light is provided to reveal any changes in floor level.

Should reflect the personality of the owners.

An easy to get out of chair.

Books should be easily accessible.

Lighting in a child's room is extremely important.

There should be adequate ventilation.

Workroom - first think about its main purpose and decide on priorities.

Sound proofing.

A distinction should be made for those items which will be used on a daily basis and those used less frequently.

The books are part of the room.

Adequate insulation.

​    - Oxford Home Study, Room by Room Interior Design

Free Spatial Planning Resources…

to help you start the process of effectuating your individual modes of expression and style for a more enjoyable Quality of Life.


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Natural Lighting

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