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"Two and two do not always make four." - Alexander Hamilton

Foundational mathematics has additional dimensions when viewed in 3D reality. Two quarts of water plus two quarts of water does not equal four quarts of water. Evaporation during the transition/transaction/journey leaves the new container with less than four quarts. If certain minerals are in unusually high quantity within that water, there will be more than four quarts of water after the ignited movement of the transition.

If $2 billion is earned selling unhealthy junk food, and $2 billion is earned in healthcare costs to treat the consequences reactively, in the same line item as productive preventative costs, that equals $4 billion in GDP revenue in our current 2D financial system. 3D reality is another dimension of real life mathematics.

Whether it’s Quantitative easing or Quantitative trading, regardless of the complexities and mystery, it is all very 2D. Quality is not part of the 2D equation. 

If Vermont does not allow any billboards because of the invaluable, intrinsic beauty of the unaltered, majestic, green scenery, they are in the red in 2D budget mathematics. The ride up through parts of red soil Georgia, which can be flooded with perpetual eye-sore billboards is in the green on the 2D budget.

These are very basic examples that seem obvious, but because of their foundational plates embedded deep in the infrastructure of our multi-layered financial systems, they become mathematical laws that go unquestioned. Questions are good, curiosity is great. Why not view your finances in 3D instead of Harry Potter? Why not view your IRA in 3D, your 401(k) in 3D? Why not view your home and your life in 3D?

No one cares about water experiments, but the evaporation of time, the evaporation of energy, the evaporation from taxes, the evaporation from opportunity costs, the evaporation of brain cells, the ignition of time, the ignition of energy, tax deduction strategies, opportunities seized and capitalized on, the reproduction of brain cells, that is real life, 3D, Quality of Life Planning. 

A bird’s nest is a mathematical 3D work of art. Aesthetics and math interwoven with synergy and unique, one of a kind, synchronicity. 

Luca Pacioli (c. 1145-1514), Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), and M.C. Escher (1898-1972) all needed to develop or use mathematical thinking to carry out their artistic vision.

The future is moving very fast, Quality brings more 3D in penetrating, saturating slow-motion. With Quality, two and two make five.


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