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Expansive Points of Reference: Bahamas

“The vitality and dynamism of Bahamians can be seen in the amount of energy that is put into every aspect of life. Bahamians love to celebrate.” 1

The Waterside Chapel at the Grand Hyatt in Nassau is a mix of elegant glass walls and white interior to add your event’s colors. 2

US News identifies the top fitness hotels which include The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort in the Bahamas. The gym includes cardio, resistance, balance and complimentary classes. 3

You can swim with free range, wild, happy pigs and piglets in the ocean at Pig Beach, Bahamas. 4

Even though Bahamas is considered a tax haven with low corporate taxes, it’s ranked very low in terms of ease of doing business. This encapsulates a great example of the need to be making financial decisions on much more than finances and emotions. A paradise location for celebrations mixed with logistical challenges and hurricane season four months a year. Expansive Planning is essential. 5

Studies show that vacations make people happier and add more quality of life, whether it’s for pleasure or humanitarianism. When going through a personal budget, the average family of four vacation costs appx. $4600 and an individual humanitarian trip $1500. 6

Tommy Bahama is located in Seattle as a subsidiary of Oxford Industries which is located in Atlanta. Tommy Bahama is committed to supporting the ethical treatment of animals. Bahari Bahamas is located in the Bahamas and they are focused on bringing Bahamian Luxury Fashion to the world through the use of opulent aesthetics and artwork. Bahari’s sales are up 63% this year. 7,8,9

+ These expansive points of reference are intended to enhance neuroplasticity, positive thinking, empathy and situational awareness – to supplement the mainstream with some upstream.

Geoffrey Hill

Raisonné & Hammer Price Corporation

1.    “The Bahamas, A family of Islands”, Saunders.


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