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Expansive Points of Reference: Australia

“If material prosperity is to induce in us greed or laziness, then we will lose our prosperity” - former Australian Prime Minister Robert Menzies who served for 18 years during Australia’s major economic boom of the 1950’s & 1960’s. 1

Home values in Melbourne and Sydney have increased 50-60% over the last 6 years. It’s considered more expensive to live there than New York City or London. The prices have started to decline more recently. In June 2017, as many as 90% of homes for auction sale were sold, but the percentage is now currently closer to 40%. 2

Instead of hearing crickets when no one responds, one hears laughing kookaburras in Australia. Kookaburra Cricket is one of the main fitness companies in Australia. 2, 3

According to one 2015 report, of 13 wealthy countries, Australia had the fourth highest life expectancy. The US came in last, by quite a lot, despite spending the most money on health care. 4

The slogan for Fitness Australia, their national health and fitness industry association, is “We Professionalize Exercise”. 5

"I tell people I'm 100% Chinese, 100% Aboriginal, 100% Australian, and most people can't really grapple with that," - Jason Wing. Wing is a Sydney-based artist that began as a street artist and has since expanded his practice to incorporate photomedia, installation and painting. He explores the ongoing challenges that impact his wider community. Calling into question our understanding of history and of our current socio-political reality, Wing repurposes everyday objects and imagery, creating works that are both visually confronting and deceptively simple. 6,7

+ These expansive points of reference are intended to enhance neuroplasticity, positive thinking, empathy and situational awareness – to supplement the mainstream with some upstream.

Geoffrey Hill

Raisonné & Hammer Price Corporation

1.    “A Concise History of Australia”, Macintyre.


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