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Expansive Points of Reference: Argentina

In the 1880’s, approximately 50% of British foreign investments were swept into a craze for Argentinean securities. By 1889, an IPO for a public works project in Buenos Aires, Argentina had virtually no interest and no subscribers, which created a panic in the global markets. The concerns over the government’s leverage and financial status created the initial fuse, but the

Psychological stigma of the unsubscribed IPO sent Argentina into a serious recession. Foreign investment into Argentina shut down from all around the world, their peso collapsed and blew up the exchange rates. (Therefore, the value of their exports crashed, and the cost of imports spiked).

Barings Brothers in London was too big to fail and rescued by the Bank of England, J.S. Morgan and Company and others. This effected the US currency which had to switch to a bi-metal backed system of both gold and silver backed dollars. (Gold was fleeing the US into London). All of this rippled into the 1893 panic in the US, which lasted until 1897. 1, 2

Currencies and/or Cryptocurrencies are still constantly ignored by major investment firms and major mutual fund managers. Money Management is much more than just Earnings and Fed Rates. Psychology and Currencies may not fall into neat categories as commodities or assets, but they are factors, especially when challenges come along. They effect valuations, nations and lives, and they show up as X-Syntax Errors-X and blue-perpetual-reboot screens to AI robo-advisors.

Kinetic art, or kineticism, is an international movement that refers to Art of both Real and Apparently Real motion. 3

Argentina’s Julio Le Parc is a central and influential

figure in participatory kinetic art. He has sought to ‘demystify art’, breaking down barriers between artwork, viewer and museum. He has a continuous quest to engage and empower viewers. 4

+ These expansive points of reference are intended to enhance neuroplasticity, positive thinking, empathy and situational awareness – to supplement the mainstream with some upstream.

Geoffrey Hill

Raisonné & Hammer Price Corporation

1.    “A History of Argentina”, Lewis.

2.    “The House of Morgan”, Chernow.



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